Church School

"But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."  2 Peter 3:18


As a renewed mind is vital to ongoing spiritual growth, Ebenezer maintains classes for all age groups in which mastery of the Word of God is our aim.  A comprehensive curriculum is utilized for pre-K thru high school youth.  We have four adult classes that explore a variety of themes: blical studies, reformed doctrine, church history, apologetics, and relevant cultural issues.  As always, the Bible serves as our only rule for faith and practice.


Church School at Ebenezer begins at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  

Adult Classes

College & 20 Somethings

Teacher: Paul Nigro

Bailey Building, Room #8

The Book of James

Believing the right things (truth) is important, but it doesn’t end there.  Saving faith always bears fruit in terms of a life of obedience.  We are not to be simply “hearers of the Word” but those who do what it says.  Come and join us as we learn together from the book of James what it means to put our faith into action and follow Jesus especially with a servant’s heart for those in need. 


30 Somethings

Teachers: Jason Vance, Daniel Mick

Bailey Building, Room #9

The Book of Job

Suffering is a part of life in this fallen world.  But when we suffer, are we simply the victims of misfortune, or is God sovereign even over the painful experiences of life?  Come join us as we explore this question and others in our study the book of Job and understand what it means to walk by faith in the midst of adversity.


40-50 Somethings

Teacher: Mel Wines

Bailey Building, Room #1

“Facing our Fears”

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. In fact, for some it is a constant companion whose torment is relentless. However, our Heavenly Father wants us to be free of fear by way of Jesus’ victory at Calvary and the tomb. Come study with us, as we look to the Holy Scriptures and learn how to walk in confidence, knowing that in Christ we have all things.


Sixties Plus

Teacher: Ray Dockery, Randy Heinzl

Bailey Building, Room #10

The Gospel of Luke

The beloved physician Luke wrote his gospel to provide an orderly account of the beginnings of Christianity so that his readers will have reliable information about Jesus Christ.  Come learn with us as we look at events from Jesus’ life, study his teachings, and appreciate more fully his work as the Son of God and Savior of sinners.   

Children and Youth Classes

All of the children’s classes through 6th grade use Great Commissions Publications ( as

their curriculum. In addition, the Triathlon Program is used to reinforce Bible knowledge,

Scripture memory, and the children’s catechism through 5th Grade.

Nursery Class

Leaders: Sandra Stamey, Ann Newman, Reid & Mica Brakefield (Bailey, Room #4)

The nursery is available for the Sunday School hour.

Toddler Class (Aprox. ages 18 months to 2 years)

Teachers: Sandi Mick, Margaret Kiser (Bailey, Room #3)

We join together in Bible stories and age appropriate activities that reinforce the story.

Children learn how to sit and listen to a Bible story time.

Preschool Class (3 years old)

Teacher: Clare Hayes (Bailey, Room #5)

We are looking at God’s guidance of His people in the Old Testament line of promise

beginning with Adam through Joseph. This class will also look at the life of Jesus, his

death, and resurrection.

4K & 5K Class

Teachers: Judy Buis, Renee Cauthen (Kindergarten Room)

We are looking at Creation and how God keeps His promises to His people. We will also

learn that Jesus is God and Savior and how we can serve him.

1st & 2nd Grade Class

Teachers: John and Sharon Shaw

Bailey Building, Room #7

We are looking at the relationship between God and His people through stories in the book

of Genesis. We’ll also focus on knowing and loving Jesus, and growing and pleasing Him

through a study of the 10 Commandments.

3rd & 4th Grade Class

Teachers: John and Vicki Talbot

Bailey Building, Room #6

We are looking at God’s design for worship and the joy of worshipping God as believers.

Students will explore God’s grace in the law and learn about trusting God and sharing their


5th & 6th Grade Class

Teachers: Bryan and Wilma Newman

Bailey Building, Room #12 (upstairs)

We are looking at the whole Bible over a two year period, seeing how the Scriptures point

to Jesus.

7th & 8th Grace Class

Teachers: Michael Newman, Claudia Klukow

Bailey, Room #11

Using the “Implementing God’s Word” curriculum from One Story Ministries

(, we are currently exploring Biblical Relationships.

Senior High Class

Teachers: James & Megen Robbins

The Academy Building

Using the “Implementing God’s Word” curriculum from One Story Ministries

(, we are currently doing a survey of the New Testament.