Church School

"But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."  2 Peter 3:18


As a renewed mind is vital to ongoing spiritual growth, Ebenezer has classes for all age groups that focus on the whole counsel of God's Word.  A comprehensive curriculum is utilized for pre-K thru high school youth.  Currently we have three adult classes that explore a variety of themes: biblical studies, reformed doctrine, church history, apologetics, and relevant cultural issues.  As always, the Bible serves as our only rule for faith and practice.


Church School at Ebenezer begins at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  

Adult Classes

The Westminster Class

Teachers: Daniel Mick, Joe Lambert, Adam O'Daniel

Bailey Building, Room #9

The Book of Acts

The Covenanters Class

Teachers: Mel Wines, Matt Allison

The Academy Building

1 Samuel

The Spurgeon Class

Teacher:  Alan Broyles

Bailey Building, Room #10

The Letter to the Romans

Children and Youth Classes

All of our children’s classes through 5th grade use Great Commissions Publications for their curriculum. This curriculum focuses on God as the Sovereign Creator, Redeemer, and King, Scripture as the story of God's salvation, God's covenant as the thread that ties the Bible together, a historical-redemptive approach as essential to understanding God's Word, and partnering with parents to reinforce teaching at home.  Middle and high school classes use a systematic Reformed curriculum produced by One Story Ministries.

Toddler-Preschool Class

Bailey Gym, Room #3

K - 1st Grade Class

Bailey Gym, Room #7

2nd-3rd Grade Class

Bailey Gym, Room #6

4th-5th Grade Class

Bailey Gym, Room #12 (upstairs)

6th - 8th Grade Class

Bailey Gym, Room #11 (upstairs)

9th - 12th Grade Class

Bailey Gym, Room #2