The Historic Ebenezer Cemetery

The Ebenezer Cemetery

Ebenezer_Cemetery_Procedures.pdfThe Ebenezer Cemetery has been used as a community burying ground since the beginning of the earliest church in 1785.  The oldest marked grave is that of Stephen McCorkel, who died in 1790.  It is believed that the rock wall surrounding the cemetery was constructed during the 1850's.  The wall has been enlarged several times and in 1933 was rebuilt using Government Relief Funds.  In 2019 the Memorial Association started the restoration of the wall.  There are veterans of all wars buried in the cemetery.  The Ebenezer Memorial Association was organized in 1945 to provide means and authority for taking care of the cemetery grounds.  

Still today, it is the mission of the Ebenezer Memorial Association to protect, preserve, and maintain this historic cemetery.  We work to maintain the sight, preserve its historic value, protect these sacred grounds, and execute an orderly and just process for the utilization of the cemetery facilites for the membership of the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church.  


If you have any questions please contact Sam Matthews or any Ebenezer Cemetery committee member.  You can reach us at the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church office (803) 366-5119, or email us here.  

To read the Operating Procedures for Ebenezer Presbyterian Church Cemetery, click here.

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